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Information on cells, bacteria, viruses and other microbes.
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Antibiotics and antimicrobial agents are drugs or chemicals that are used to kill or hinder the growth of bacteria.

Bacterial Reproduction
Bacterial reproduction most commonly occurs by a kind of cell division called binary fission. Other forms of bacterial reproduction include conjugation, transformation, and transduction.

Viruses are unique in that they have been classified as both living and nonliving at various points in the history biology. Learn about virus structure, DNA, capsids and more.

Hand Sanitizers vs. Soap and Water
Should you wash your hands with a hand sanitizer or soap and water?

Before You Buy a Microscope
Before you purchase a microscope there are several factors that should be considered.

Bacteria In Turkeys
Turkeys have been found to be contaminated with bacteria. Testing is not being done for microbes such as Campylobacter bacteria in poultry products.

Bacteria Cam
View time-lapse images of growing Streptococcus pneumoniae.

The Bad Bug Book
This online book lists a variety of, "foodborne pathogenic microorganisms and natural toxins."

Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy
Dennis Kunkel, an award winning photographer, aims to study the microscopic world of microorganisms and biology with light and electron microscopes. View electron micrographs of many different species of bacteria.

Journal of Bacteriology
Bacteriology Journal published by the American Society for Microbiology.

Microbiology Textbook
Contains information about bacterial structure, bacterial genetics, classification, and more.

Photo Gallery of Bacterial Pathogens
View images of several different kinds of pathogenic bacteria.

Textbook of Bacteriology
Contains lecture topics as presented by Kenneth Todar of the University of Wisconsin Department of Bacteriology.

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