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E. coli Bacteria

E.coli Bacteria

E. coli bacteria are among the numerous bacteria that reside in the digestive tract of humans and animals. While most E. coli strains are harmless, others have gained the ability to produce poisonous substances which cause disease. Through genetic engineering, scientists are finding ways to use E. coli to aid in the treatment of human disease.

Biology Spotlight10

Asexual Reproduction

In asexual reproduction, one individual produces offspring that are genetically identical to itself. Common forms of asexual reproduction include budding, regeneration, and parthenogenesis.


The main role of the kidneys is to filter blood of toxins and produce urine. They also perform several regulatory functions that are vital to life.

Ebola Virus

The Ebola virus is a single-stranded RNA virus that causes the deadly Ebola virus disease. Ebola outbreaks warrant serious concern as there is currently no cure for the disease.

What Is AP Biology?

What is AP Biology and why should I take it? The AP Biology course and exam allow students to gain credit for introductory college level biology courses.

Fascinating Animal Facts

Did you know that although polar bears look white, they actually have black skin? Discover several wondrous and fascinating facts about animals.

Video Games Affect Brain Function

Studies indicate that video games affect brain function. Video gaming causes changes in brain structure that can improve cognitive function and visual attention.

Biology Study Tips

Need help studying for biology? I've got some great biology study tips for you. Just following these simple steps will make studying less stressful.

Cell Cycle

Cells grow and replicate through an ordered series of events called the cell cycle.

Green Tea Improves Health

Studies suggest that drinking green tea improves health due to a compound called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg). This compound has cancer inhibiting and anti-inflammatory properties.

Citric Acid Cycle

The citric acid cycle is a stage in cellular respiration that helps to harvest the energy stored in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. These molecules are broken down into smaller components to be used as fuel by cells.

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