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Resources and information to help you understand genetics. Find information on genes, chromosomes, reproduction and more.
  1. Basic Genetics (16)
  2. Mendelian Genetics (6)

Genetic Code
The genetic code is the information in DNA and RNA that determines amino acid sequences in protein synthesis.

Chromosome Mutation
A chromosome mutation causes changes in the structure or number of chromosomes in a cell. These mutations are often caused by errors that occur during the process of cell division or by mutagens.

Gene Mutation
A gene mutation is any change that occurs in the DNA. These changes can be beneficial to, have some effect on, or be seriously detrimental to an organism.

Sex-Linked Traits
Sex-linked traits originate from genes found on sex chromosomes. Hemophilia is an example of a common sex-linked disorder that is an X-linked recessive trait.

Blood Type
The presence or absence of certain identifiers on the surface of red blood cells determine human blood type.

Asexual Reproduction
An introduction to the mechanisms of asexual reproduction in animals.

Reproduction in Animals: Sexual Reproduction
An introduction to the mechanisms of sexual reproduction in animals.

Sexual Reproduction: Fertilization
Information on internal and external modes of fertilization.

African Americans in Science
Learn about the contributions that various African American scientists and inventors have made to science.

Genetic Recombination
In genetic recombination, genes are recombined to produce organisms with new gene combinations. Genetic diversity within organisms is attained through genetic recombination.

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