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Information on ecological topics including endangered animals and land biomes.
  1. Land Biomes (10)

Defense Mechanisms
Defense mechanisms are very important to all animal life. They can give prey an advantage against hungry predators.

Aquatic Communities
Aquatic communities can be subdivided based on common characteristics. Two common designations are freshwater and marine communities.

The Pyramid Of Life
The pyramid of life refers to the hierarchical structure for the organization of life.

Can Animals Sense Natural Disasters?
A tsunami spawned by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean has caused massive destruction in Asia. Wild animals however, have been able to survive. Did they sense the disaster before it hit?

Endangered Species
Endangered species are animals and plants that are on the verge of vanishing from the earth.

Nutrient Cycle
The nutrient cycle outlines the movement of chemical nutrients in the environment. Examples of these cycles include the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle.

Food Chain
A food chain traces the transfer of food in an ecosystem from producers to consumers.

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