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Animal Cams


African Lion

African Lion

Maggie Smith / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Have you ever wanted to know what ants really do inside an ant mound? Have you ever wanted to observe wild birds nesting and feeding? Animal Webcams give you a unique view into the lives of animals. They allow you to observe creatures in their natural or artificial environments.

Best Animal Cams

There are a number of animal cams on the net. Here are some of my favorites.

View live images of wildlife from various wildlife parks in Africa. You can even go on a virtual safari. You must register to enter the site, but registration is free.

Ant Cam
Ever wonder how busy ants really are? View live images of a colony of thousands of leafcutter ants in the Natural History Museum's Creepy Crawlies gallery.

Asian Elephant Cam
Keep track of the Asian elephants at The National Zoo in Washington, DC.

Bear Cam
See the grizzly bears at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington.

Bird Cam
View amazing images of falcons, eagles, owls, kestrels and ospreys on the Xcel Energy Bird Cams.

Gorilla Cam
Follow along with a troop of western lowland gorillas from Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

Naked Mole Rat Colony Cam
See the mole rats in action! Peer into this unique colony housed at the National Zoo.

Penguin Cam
View playful images of the chinstrap and gentoo penguins at the Central Park Zoo.

Shark Cam
See live images of sharks, rays, fish and other underwater creatures at the Oregon Coast Aquarium's Passages of the Deep exhibit.

The animal cams above are educational, exciting, and most of all fun! For more information on animal cams see: More Animal Cams.
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