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Anatomy of the Brain - Pons



This brain image shows the location of the pons.

Credit: Alan Hoffring/National Cancer Institute


In Latin, the word pons literally means bridge. The pons is a portion of the hindbrain that connects the cerebral cortex with the medulla oblongata. It also serves as a communications and coordination center between the two hemispheres of the brain. As a part of the brainstem, the pons helps in the transferring of messages between various parts of the brain and the spinal cord.


The pons is involved in several functions of the body including:
  • Arousal
  • Controlling Autonomic Functions
  • Relaying Sensory Information Between the Cerebrum and Cerebellum
  • Sleep


Directionally, the pons is superior to the medulla oblongata and inferior to the midbrain. Sagittally, it is anterior to the cerebellum and posterior to the pituitary gland.


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