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Occipital Lobes


Brain Lobes

The occipital lobes are positioned at the back region of the cerebral cortex.

Credit: Scott Camazine

Occipital Lobes:

The occipital lobes are one of the four main lobes or regions of the cerebral cortex. They are positioned at the back region of the cerebral cortex and are the main centers for visual processing. In addition to the occipital lobes, posterior portions of the parietal lobes and temporal lobes are also involved in visual perception. Located within the occipital lobes is the primary visual cortex. This region of the brain receives visual input from the retina. These visual signals are interpreted in the occipital lobes.


The occipital lobes are involved in several functions of the body including:
  • Visual Perception
  • Color Recognition


Directionally, the occipital lobes are posterior to the temporal lobes and inferior to the parietal lobes.


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