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Guide Picks - Top Ten Biology Science Fair Project Books
Science fair projects give you the opportunity to experience science and biology through hands-on activities. Many people however, find it difficult getting started. Here are some books that contain great ideas and detailed instructions on how to create winning biology related science fair projects.
1) Janice VanCleave's A+ Projects in Biology : Winning Experiments for Science Fairs and Extra Credit
In this well written book, VanCleave provides thoughtful information about science fair projects. Thirty suggestions for projects, from physiology to photosynthesis, are provided. Each suggestion provides detailed information that will assist a student in completing a project about the specific topic.
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2) Janice Vancleave's Guide to More of the Best Science Fair Projects
This guide contains fifty great ideas for science fair projects in various areas including biology, botany, microbiology, zoology and oceanography. It gives detailed instructions for developing projects, researching topics, project presentation tips and much more.
3) The Complete Handbook of Science Fair Projects
This book lays out in detail fifty winning science fair projects from actual science fairs. It contains great tips and suggestions for making your science fair project a winner. It also includes 400 other project ideas, useful information on research and experimentation, and outlines rules and guidelines established by the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).
4) Science Fair Success with Plants
Twenty five detailed experiments with plants are outlined in this book. Included with each experiment are procedures, suggested materials, safety instructions and more.
5) Science Fair Projects for Elementary Schools
A wonderful book for assisting elementary school students with science fair projects. This book gives detailed, easy to understand information on completing science fair projects on various topics including botany, animals and insects, environmental science and more.
6) Janice Vancleave's Insects and Spiders : Mind-Boggling Experiments You Can Turn into Science Fair Projects
If you are interested in experimenting with insects, then this book is for you. It includes a variety of experiments with insects and spiders and contains step-by-step instructions for each project. It also contains background information on insect and spider identification, anatomy, physiology and more.
7) Janice VanCleave's Microscopes and Magnifying Lenses: Mind-Boggling Chemistry and Biology Experiments You Can Turn Into Science Fair Projects
This book includes twenty experiments that students can conduct using microscopes, magnifying lenses and things they may find around the house. Step-by-step experiment instructions, a list of materials and suggested procedures are also provided. Students can conduct biology experiments with plants, protozoa and more.
8) Environmental Science: High School Science Fair Experiments
If you are interested in environmental science projects this book offers a great collection of winning project ideas. It provides background information and suggests ways projects can be personalized.
9) Botany: High-School Science Fair Experiments
Twenty good high-school botany projects are presented in this books. Included are experiments relating to plants and environmental science, introductory information on botany and a list of materials needed for suggested projects.
10) Jump into Science
This book is targeted toward teachers and organizers of science fairs with students from grades 4-6. It is an informative guide that explains everything needed to create a themed science fair.
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