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Cell Division - Mitosis

Nematoda Secernenta in Anaphase. Contributed by Richard J. Harris
Image courtesy of BIODIDAC

Mitosis Animation
Animated GIF of the different phases of mitosis in a plant cell.

Mitosis Glossary
Glossary of common mitosis terms.

Introduction to mitosis and the process of cell division.

  • Interphase
    Interphase is the "holding" stage or the stage between two successive cell divisions.

  • Prophase
    Prophase is a beautiful menagerie of changes that occur in both the cytoplasm and nucleus of a dividing cell.

  • Metaphase
    In metaphase, chromosomes align at the metaphase plate of the dividing cell.

  • Anaphase
    In anaphase, the paired chromosomes separate and move to opposite ends of the dividing cell.

  • Telophase
    In telophase, the nucleus of one cell is divided equally into two nuclei.
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