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Articles related to botany

Did You Know? - Botany - Biology - About.com
Discover interesting plant facts: world of biology oldest tree species oldest living tree eden project resistant plants.
Plant Biology - About.com
Information on plants, plant biology, plant viruses, and more.
About Botany and Plant Science from About.com
Explore the world of botany with articles and resources on plant species, plant science, and cultivation.
History Of Botany - About.com
The diverse and expansive history of the study of plant science and botany is summarized here, from the first domestication of plants for food and medicinal use ...
Planting A Seed: The Basics of Botany - About.com
Botany is the study of plants. Plants are essential to life on earth, as they provide oxygen, food, clothing, and comfort to humans and animals.
Botany Experiments And Lessons - About.com
Botany Experiments And Lessons. These lesson plans and classroom experiments will help teachers and students delve into the fascinating world of plant ...
Ancient Botanists: The Ones Who Started It All - Botany - About.com
Who were the forefathers of botany? You may not have heard of Theophrastus, Pliny the Elder, or Pedanius Dioscorides; however, they studied plants, oh, about  ...
The Anatomy Of Corn - Botany - About.com
Corn is yummy to eat, and can be used for a variety of non-food uses, too. Learn more about the plant's anatomy - why does corn have two root systems? What is  ...
The Botany Of The Tobacco Plant - About.com
Tobacco is a controversial yet highly valuable plant. Learn more about the plant itself, including its anatomy and physiology, growth habit, and future uses.
Kamay Botany Bay National Park - Australia Travel - About.com
Kamay Botany Bay National Park is the site where Captain James Cook first landed in Australia in 1770.
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