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Fascinating Animal Facts


Fascinating Animal Facts

Polar bears look white, but they actually have black skin.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Our world is full of animals that are wondrous and amazing! These fascinating creatures have certain adaptations that may seem strange to us, but are necessary for the animal to survive. Below are ten fascinating facts about animals that I think may surprise you.

Fascinating Animal Facts

10. Frogs have an ear drum on the outside of their head.

9. Sea otters always float on their backs when they eat.

8. Polar bears look white, but they actually have black skin.

7. Snakes always keep their eyes open, even when they are asleep.

6. Crickets have ears on their front legs.

5. Aardvarks can hear and smell termites and ants.

4. Cobras are able to kill with a bite as soon as they are born.

3. Flamingos have knees that can bend backward.

2. The pistol shrimp catches its prey by surprising it with a loud banging noise made with its claws.

1. Some species of Australian Flower Spiders eat their mother when food becomes scarce.

More Fascinating Animal Facts

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