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Stages of Mitosis


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In telophase, the chromosomes are cordoned off into distinct new nuclei in the emerging daughter cells.

View images of a cell in early telophase and late telophase.

Changes that occur in a cell during telophase:

  • The polar fibers continue to lengthen.

  • Nuclei (plural form of nucleus) begin to form at opposite poles.

  • The nuclear envelopes of these nuclei are formed from remnant pieces of the parent cell's nuclear envelope and from pieces of the endomembrane system.

  • Nucleoli (plural form of nucleolus) also reappear.

  • Chromatin fibers of chromosomes uncoil.

  • After these changes, telophase/mitosis is largely complete and the genetic "contents" of one cell have been divided equally into two.

Cytokinesis, the division of the original cell's cytoplasm, begins prior to the end of mitosis and completes shortly after telophase/mitosis. At the end of cytokinesis, two genetically identical daughter cells are produced.

Mitosis Overview, Images, and Quiz

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