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Stages of Mitosis


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In metaphase, the spindle fully develops and the chromosomes align at the metaphase plate (a plane that is equally distant from the two spindle poles).

View image of a cell in metaphase.

Changes that occur in a cell during metaphase:
  • The nuclear membrane disappears completely.

  • In animal cells, the two pair of centrioles align at opposite poles of the cell.

  • Polar fibers (microtubules that make up the spindle fibers) continue to extend from the poles to the center of the cell.

  • Chromosomes move randomly until they attach (at their kinetochores) to polar fibers from both sides of their centromeres.

  • Chromosomes align at the metaphase plate at right angles to the spindle poles.

  • Chromosomes are held at the metaphase plate by the equal forces of the polar fibers pushing on the centromeres of the chromosomes.

Mitosis Overview, Images, and Quiz

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