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Stages of Meiosis


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Telophase I
Stages of Meiosis Telophase I

Lily Anther Microsporocytes in Telophase I

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Meiosis Stages

Telophase I:

In telophase I of meiosis, the following events occur:
  • The spindle fibers continue to move the homologous chromosomes to the poles.

  • Once movement is complete, each pole has a haploid number of chromosomes.

  • In most cases, cytokinesis (division of the cytoplasm) occurs at the same time as telophase I.

  • At the end of telophase I and cytokinesis, two daughter cells are produced, each with one half the number of chromosomes of the original parent cell.

  • Depending on the kind of cell, various processes occur in preparation for meiosis II. There is however a constant: The genetic material does not replicate again.

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Meiosis Study Guide

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