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Stages of Meiosis


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Prophase I
Stages of Meiosis Prophase I

Lily Anther Microsporocytes in Prophase I

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Meiosis Stages

Prophase I:

In prophase I of meiosis, the following events occur:
  • Chromosomes condense and attach to the nuclear envelope.

  • Synapsis occurs (a pair of homologous chromosomes lines up closely together) and a tetrad is formed. Each tetrad is composed of four chromatids.

  • Crossing over may occur.

  • Chromosomes thicken and detach from the nuclear envelope.

  • Similar to mitosis, the centrioles migrate away from one another and both the nuclear envelope and nucleoli break down.

  • Likewise, the chromosomes begin their migration to the metaphase plate.

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Meiosis Study Guide

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