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African Americans in Science


African Americans in Science Daniel Hale Williams

Daniel Hale Williams

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African Americans have made significant contributions to various areas of science. In the field of chemistry, African Americans have developed synthetic drugs for the treatment of chronic ailments. In the field of physics, African Americans have helped to invent laser devices for the treatment of cancer patients. In the field of medicine, African Americans have developed treatments for various diseases including leprosy, cancer, and syphilis.

African Americans in Science

Below is a list of African American scientists and information on the accomplishments and contributions each person has made to science and humanity.

Otis Boykin
    DOB: (1920 - 1982 )
    Major Accomplishments: He invented 28 electronic devices including the control unit for the pacemaker.
    More information: Otis Boykin
Dr. Ben Carson
    DOB: (1950 - )
    Major Accomplishments: This neurosurgeon and professor led a medical team that became the first to separate Siamese twins successfully.
    More information: Dr. Ben Carson
Emmett W. Chappelle
    DOB: (1925 - )
    Major Accomplishments: This biochemist worked for NASA and discovered a method for detecting bacteria in water, food, and body fluids.
    More information: Emmett W. Chappelle
Dr. Charles Drew
    DOB: (1904 -1950)
    Major Accomplishments: Best known for his work with blood plasma, he helped set up the American Red Cross blood bank. He also established the first blood bank in England.
    More information: Charles Drew
Dr. Lloyd Hall
    DOB: (1894 - 1971)
    Major Accomplishments: His work in food sterilization and preservation improved processes in food packing and preparation.
    More information: Lloyd Hall
Dr. Percy Julian
    DOB: (1899 - 1975)
    Major Accomplishments: He is known for developing synthetic steroids for use in the treatment of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
    More information: Percy Julian
Dr. Charles Turner
    DOB: (1867-1923)
    Major Accomplishments: This zoologist is known for his work with insects. He was the first to demonstrate that insects can hear.
    More information: Charles Turner
Dr. Daniel Hale Williams
    DOB: (1856-1931)
    Major Accomplishments: He founded the Provident Hospital in Chicago. In 1893, he performed the first successful open heart surgery.
    More information: Daniel Hale Williams

Other African American Scientists and Inventors

The following table includes more information on African American scientists and inventors.

African American Scientists and Inventors
Scientist Invention
Bessie Blount Developed device to help disabled persons eat.
Phil Brooks Developed the disposable syringe.
Michael Croslin Developed the computerized blood pressure machine.
Dewey Sanderson Invented the urinalysis machine.
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