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Animal Projects


Girl holding tadpole
Serny Pernebjer/ Maskot/ Getty Images

Animal Projects:

Animal projects and studies are important to understanding various biological processes in animals and even humans. Scientists study animals in order to learn ways to improve animal health for farm production, wildlife preservation, and human companionship. They also study animals to discover new methods to improve human health. Animal studies give us a better understanding of disease development and prevention, as well as standards for normal and abnormal behavior. The following animal project ideas introduce areas of animal studies that can be explored through experimentation.

Amphibian and Fish Project Ideas:

  • Does temperature affect tadpole growth?
  • Do water pH levels affect tadpole growth?
  • Does water temperature affect amphibian respiration?
  • Does magnetism affect limb regeneration in newts?
  • Does water temperature affect fish color?
  • Does the size of a population of fish affect growth?
  • Does music affect fish activity?
  • Does the amount of light affect fish activity?

Bird Project Ideas:

  • Which types of plants attract hummingbirds?
  • What factors increase egg-laying in birds?
  • Do different bird species prefer a particular color of bird seed?
  • Do certain bird species prefer to eat in a group or alone?
  • Do certain bird species prefer one type of habitat over another?

Insect Project Ideas:

  • How does temperature affect the growth of butterflies? (Butterfly Growth Project - Sample)
  • How does light affect ants?
  • Do different colors attract or repel insects?
  • How does pollution affect insects?
  • How do insects adapt to pesticides?
  • Do magnetic fields affect insects?
  • Does soil acidity affect insects?
  • Does color affect insect eating habits?
  • Does light or heat attract insects to lamps at night?
  • Do insects behave differently in a larger population as opposed to a smaller population?
  • What factors cause crickets to chirp more often?
  • What substances do mosquitoes find attractive or repellant?

Mammal Project Ideas:

  • Does light variation alter animal sleep habits?
  • Do cats or dogs have better night vision?
  • Does music affect an animal's mood?
  • Do bird sounds affect cat behavior?
  • Which animal sense has the greatest effect on short term memory?
  • Does animal saliva have antimicrobial properties?
  • Does colored water affect animal drinking habits?
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