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Biology Lesson Plans

Lesson plans and student activities for elementary through high school teachers and educators.

View exciting examples of biology experiments that can be used by parents and teachers at home or at school.

10 Great Biology Activities and Lessons
Biology activities and lessons allow students to investigate and learn about biology through hands on experience.

The science publisher, Nature Publishing Group, has created an online science library known as Scitable for students, teachers, professionals and those interested in scientific developments.

This site was created to help teachers find resources that are unavailable in most ancillary text materials. Here you will find activities, labs, animations, tutorials, games and more.

Access Excellence Activities Exchange
The Activities Exchange contains biology classroom activities submitted by life science teachers participating in the Access Excellence program.

Access Excellence Activities To Go
A collection of successful teaching strategies submitted by life science teachers from around the United States.

Beyond Bio 101
Introductory biology has changed! See this site for information on how courses for non-majors are being revolutionized! Part of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's site.

Biology Demonstrations
Simple demonstrations for studying polymers, sound, energy in chemical bonds, and more.

Biology Resources for the Classroom
List of class room activities on topics including ecology, cells, animal behavior, biotechnology, and more.

Discovery Channel School
Get online resources including lesson plans, videos, and a free educators guide. You can search the site for resources by grade level or subject area.

Educator's Reference Desk: Science
Contains a large collection of science lesson plans for grades K-12.

Embryology Enhancement Activities
Contains a great resource guide for reproduction and embryological development.

Gametogenisis and Fertilization
Lesson plans concerning reproduction, gametogenisis, and fertilization.

Life Science Resources
Extensive compilation of curricular ideas for biology teachers.

Online Onion Root Tip
The Biology Project's online activity for studying the phases of cell division.

Procaryotic Proto-Sex
Contains a lesson plan that focuses on bacterial conjugation and the transfer of antibiotic resistance.

Woodrow Wilson Biology Institute: Neurobiology at All Levels
An excellent collection of neurobiology lesson plans and activities.

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