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Experimentation is one of the best ways to learn about biology. By taking a hands-on learning approach, students can get a real sense of biology concepts. The following resources provide information on experiments that can be done in a lab or at home.
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Test tube

Biology lab is a valuable and essential part of any biology course. Lab activities allow you to take the information you have learned in class and actively apply it in lab. The following information is designed to make your biology lab experience more enjoyable and most successful.


Biology activities and experiments are educational, exciting, and often times great fun. You can learn about DNA by extracting it from your cheek cells or making a model using candy. Here are some good ideas for lab activities and biology experiments.

Online Dissections

Dissections provide a way for learning about the internal and external anatomical structures of animals. For many people however, dissections can be very disturbing. Online dissections provide the means to experience actual dissections without all of the mess.

Science Fair Projects

Science fair projects give you the opportunity to experience science and biology through experimentation. The following resources provide suggestions, ideas, tips, and sample projects to help you get started on your science project.

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