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Temporal Lobes - Biology - About.com
The temporal lobes are one of the four main lobes or regions of the cerebral cortex. The temporal lobes play an important role in organizing sensory input, ...
Occipital Lobes - Biology - About.com
In addition to the occipital lobes, posterior portions of the parietal lobes and temporal lobes are also involved in visual perception. Located within the occipital  ...
Frontal Lobes - Biology - About.com
The frontal lobes are one of the four main lobes or regions of the cerebral cortex. ... What Are the Functions of the Temporal Lobes? Learn About the Anatomy of ...
Temporal Lobe - Areas of the Brain - Psychology - About.com
The temporal lobe is one of the four lobes of the brain. Learn more about where the temporal lobe is locate, its associated functions and the impact of damage to  ...
The Four Lobes of the Brain (Function and Location) - Psychology
The cerebral cortex can be divided into four sections, which are known as lobes ( see image above). The frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal ...
Temporal lobe brain damage in Alzheimer's - Alzheimer's/Dementia
Nov 11, 2005 ... The temporal lobes of the brain are essential for memory. Our memory for events is known as episodic memory. Episodic memory helps us to ...
Symptoms of Frontal, Temporal, Parietal and Occipital Strokes
Jun 9, 2014 ... But it does much more than that, especially in those areas which border the parietal and occipital lobes. Learn more about the temporal lobes ...
Temporal Lobe - Definition of Temporal Lobe - Stroke - About.com
Updated July 14, 2008. Definition: One of the main structural division of the brain. The temporal lobes are located along the sides of the brain, and are involved ...
What Are the Four Brain Lobes? Video
... in specific situations. Learn more about the four brain lobes in this video from About.com. ... The temporal lobe sits below the frontal lobe, near your temples.
Cerebral Cortex - Biology - About.com
The cerebral cortex is divided into lobes that each have a specific function. ... Temporal Lobe - involved with memory, emotion, hearing, and language.
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