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Biotechnology is the field of biology that focuses on using living organisms to develop technologies. This includes the use of cells, organelles, or any biological process to develop products or therapy methods. Discoveries in biotechnology have been implemented in the fields of medicine, agriculture, and industrial manufacturing.

Biotechnology Articles

Below are articles related to biotechnology discoveries that could provide improved ways of treating disease and improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from debilitating injuries.

Animal Testing Without Animals
A new device could make animal testing obsolete.

Artificial Liver
New technique for producing an artificial liver.

Artificial Plasmids
Scientists recently inserted large plasmids into cultured cells.

Bioengineering Blood Vessels
A stunning technique for making new blood vessels.

Blood From a Plant
Researchers have produced human blood proteins from tobacco plants.

Brain Power
Rats control a robotic device with their brain.

Cavity Fighting Bacteria
Designer bacteria may prevent tooth decay.

Foods that Heal
Ongoing research promises to produce designer foods.

Gene Therapy Reverses Muscular Dystrophy
Scientists have successfully treated a form of muscular dystrophy in hamsters.

Heart-to-Heart Tool
Researchers unveiled a promising new heart modeling system last week.

How A Gene Can Jump
Researchers have visualized an enzyme that allows genes in the E. coli bacterium to jump.

Implantable Insulin Pumps
Implants may bring relief to those with Type I diabetes.

It's in the Genes
Scientists have produced a transgenic cardiomyopathic mouse.

New Hand
Doctors recently announced the successful transplantation of a hand from a cadaver.

New Skin
An impressive technique for bioengineering new skin.

Salmonella as a Cancer Fighter
The same bacteria that cause food poisoning are now being used to fight cancer.

Scientists Grow Insulin-Secreting Cells
Information from the University of California, San Diego about the production of insulin secreting cells.

Severed Spines
Researchers have restored nerve impulses to severed spinal cords.

Spinal Cord Regeneration
Moving closer to spinal cord regeneration with a unique breakthrough.

The Biological Computer
Computers made from biomolecules.

The Blind Shall See
In a stunning announcement, a blind man can see again.

The New Scourge
What in the world is designer anthrax?

The Real Fountain of Youth
Has immortality been achieved?

The Signal Amplifier
Animal implant testing may one day allow paraplegics to walk.

Treating Multiple Sclerosis
Brain cell transplants may one day offer hope.

Walking Again
Will a new device enable paralyzed individuals to walk again?

More Biotechnology Discoveries

For additional information about biotechnology discoveries, see: Stem Cell Research, Fighting Cancer With Viruses, and 5 Potential Biological Weapons.

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