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Did You Know?

Biology is both exciting and unique. Monday through Friday, I'll post an interesting biology fact. From bacteria to mammals, we'll explore the exciting world of biology. If you have a suggestion, send email to Regina.


Aging Gene

Ancient Bacterium Revived

Antibiotics From Insects

Archaea in the Ocean

Artificial Bacteria

Bacteria and Diamonds

Bacteria and Human Cells

Bacteria Detoxify Mine Waste

Bacteria Involved in Speciation

Bacteria Live in Clouds

Bacteria on Crops

Bacterial Reproduction

Biotech War on Drugs

Carbonated Cow Manure

Chocolate Fights Cavities

Countering Antibiotic Resistance

Dormant Viruses

Dust Mites and Allergies

Earth Bacteria on Mars

Ebola Vaccine

E.coli DNA Sequenced

Electrolyzed Water Kills Bacteria

Gene Swap

Genetic Engineering of Plants

Glowing Bacteria

Honey Heals Wounds

Largest Bacteria

Magnetic Bacteria

Martian Microbes

Microbe in Milk

Microbes in Space

Microbe Killing Microbes

Most Resilient Organism

Odorless Socks

Oldest Life Forms

Parasite With 100 Eyes

Possible Cure For The Cold

Radioactive Sponge

Silicon Bugs

Silver Producing Microbes

Smallest Genome

Smallest Living Organism

Soap and Water

South Pole Bacteria

Suicidal Bacteria

Suicidal Yeast

Synthetic Viruses

Tallest Deep Sea Vents

Toxic Eating Bacteria

Toxin Relieves Pain

Transgenic Organisms

Underground Bacteria

Viral Archaeology

Viruses and Cancer

Virus Causes Skin Cancer

West Nile Virus

For more facts, please see the Did You Know page.

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