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Did You Know?

Biology is both exciting and unique. Monday through Friday, I'll post an interesting biology fact. From bacteria to mammals, we'll explore the exciting world of biology. If you have a suggestion, send email to Regina.

The Human Body

Altered Memories


Antioxidants Protect Brain Cells

Artificial Human Corneas

Bacteria and Human Cells

The Blind Hear Better

Blood Pressure Gene

Blood Volume

Body of Water

Bone Fact

Bone From Skin

Brain Boosters

Brain Cells

Brain Death

Brain Produces Cocaine-Like Chemical

Brain Synapses

Breathing Expels Water

Cancer and Diet

Cancer Inducing Molecule

Capillary Size


Cell Life

Coffee and Parkinson's

Cold and Memory

Cold Coma

Color-blind Gene

The Cornea

Counting in Color

Dental X-rays and Stroke

DNA Length

Dreams and Learning

Driven by Hunger

Driving Increases Brain Size

Enzyme Controls Fat Cells

The Eyechip

Fat Cell Switch

Fear Center

Fetuses Learn in the Womb

Fewer Calories Equal Healthy Brain

First Heart Transplant

Fluoride Promotes Stronger Bones

Guilt and Your Health

Halloween Hysteria

A Healthy Embryo Equals A Healthy Adult

Healthy Fat

Heart Beats

Heart Formation

Human Chromosome 22

Human Genome

Humans and Pheromones

Humor in the Brain

Identical Twins and Fingerprints

Ingestible Endoscope

Infant Vision

Jointless Bone

Kidney Filters

Largest Artery

Largest Bone

Licking Your Wounds

Lie Detectors

Liquid Bones

The Living Dead

Liver Facts

Love and the Brain

Lung Size

Make You Sweat

Men and Women Hear Differently

Migraines and the Heart

Mitochondrial DNA

Mother's Milk

Multitude of Muscles

Musical Hallucinations

Neuronal Fatigue

Night Blindness Gene Discovered

Obesity Linked to Dopamine

Optimists Live Longer

Phantom Limbs

Programming Dreams

Reading the Human Genetic Code

Red Blood Cells

Retinal Stem Cells

Schizophrenia Genes

Seeing Ghosts

Self Recognition

Sleepy Daze

Small Bones

Smoking Causes Wrinkles

Smoking Impairs Intellect

Spine Time

Super Vision

Sweet Discovery

Taste Buds

Taste Detection

Taste Map

Tasting Temperature

Tiny Tubes

Ultrasound Stops Bleeding

Video Games Improve Health

Violence Linked to Smaller Brain Cells

You Can't Tickle Yourself

You've Got Guts

Watching Your Fat

Water and Salt Absorption

Women and Alcohol

For more facts, please see the Did You Know page.

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