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Regina Bailey

Cancer Cells Hide To Avoid Cancer Drugs

By January 18, 2013

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Researchers from the Imperial College London plan to study how some cancer cells avoid chemotherapy drugs by hiding in compartments in the body. While studying the blood cancer acute lymphoblastic leukemia, it was discovered that some of these cancer cells avoid treatment by taking cover in compartments in bone. Bone is the component of the skeletal system that produces blood cells.

According to lead author of the study Dr. Cristina Lo Celso, "We believe that some evasive cancer cells hide in protective compartments inside the body while patients receive treatment. If we understand where the cancer cells hide, we will be able to develop better ways to treat patients by eliminating all cancer cells and avoiding disease relapse." In individuals with leukemia, bone marrow stem cells produce both normal blood cells and leukemia cells. The goal of the researchers is to discover exactly where leukemia cells hide in the bone marrow to avoid chemotherapy drugs.

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