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Regina Bailey

A Flu Shot May Reduce Heart Disease Risk

By November 2, 2012

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Canadian researchers have uncovered evidence indicating that individuals who get the flu shot lower their risk of heart disease. The risk of having a cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack, stroke, or experiencing cardiovascular death, was lowered by approximately 50 percent by getting the flu shot. This reduced risk was seen in individuals with heart disease as well as in those without it.

According to researcher Dr. Jacob Udell, "The use of the vaccine is still much too low, less than 50 percent of the general population; it's even poorly used among health care workers. Imagine if this vaccine could also be a proven way to prevent heart disease." Current guidelines recommend that individuals who have previously had a heart attack get vaccinated against the flu virus. The researchers state that getting a flu shot is a simple way to help prevent cardiac events.

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